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Communion of parishes interconnected by the same project
inspired by the spirit and style of Calasanz.

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Our History

The piarist tradition

Since its beginnings, the mission of the Piarists focused mainly on the school. Already other religious were in charge of the pastoral care of the adults in the parishes. However, Calasanz always wanted each new foundation to have a church open to worship for students to participate in the Continual Prayer and to accompany their families. He founded in San Pantaleo in 1640 the Confrery of Saint Anna, for ladies, which had nothing to do with the school ministry. Few years after the death of the founder, the Piarists accepted some parishes in Central Europe: (Szepes, 1674; Brezno, 1675). In the 18th century the Order already ran about 25 parishes, not counting the many missionary-type services they lent in others. Saint Pompilio himself worked for two years (1760-61) in the parish of Lugo, entrusted to the Piarists. 

Today, the Piarists serve more than 130 parishes (some very small, but others very large) and about 175 temples with public worship. It is a pastoral reality where the Pious Schools have the opportunity to exercise the Piarist Ministry of fully educating in piety and letters and building Piarist Christian Community.

Piarist parishes network

New York (USA)

St. Helena

Carora (VEN)

San José de Calasanz

Yaundé (CAM)

Batème de Jesus et Saint Ambroise

Aracaju (BRA)

Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe

Bafia (CAM)

Notre Dame de Nazareth

Libreville (GAB)

Saint Louis Marie Grignion

Barcelona (ESP)

Sant Jossep Calassanç

Futrú (CAM)

Santiago Apóstol

Sta. Cruz de la Sierra (BOL)

San Juan Bosco

Barquisimeto (VEN)

Transfiguración del Señor

Cochabamba (BOL)

San Rafael

Mexico DF (MEX)

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Belo Horizonte (BRA)

Sao Marcos

Anzaldo (BOL)

Santiago Apostol

Valencia (VEN)

San José de Calasanz

San Juan (PR)

El Salvador

Sokone (SEN)

Saint Thérèse de l’enfant Jesús

Governador Valadares (BRA)

Nostra Senhora das Graças

Paris (FRA)

Tous les Saints

Medellín (COL)

San José de Calasanz

Viena (AUS)

Maria Treu

Serra (BRA)

Sâo Jose de Calasanz

Manpatim (SEN)

Sainte Claire

New York (USA)

Annuntiation Church

Kikonka (RDC)

Saint Pierre

Cocapata (BOL)

Nuestra Señora del Rosario

Agnoville (COT)

Saint Jean Baptiste de Sokoura


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Piarist Parish
Network Dossier

Access the file of the Piarist Parish Network that contains all the information of the project, as well as the objectives, the profile and those elements useful for the elaboration of a Piarist parish project. You will also be able to know the conditions of entry into the network and the importance of the parish in the Piarist tradition.

“Catechesis is the priority means for education in the faith.  R 113


Parish netwok

Connected parishes around the world

The raison d’être and primary purpose of parishes is “evangelization,”
continuing the mission of Jesus and with a clear option for the poor.
(RR III, 88-89; C7)

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