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Piaristengasse 43

1080 Wien


Father Jean de Dieu Tagne SP

Facebook: Piaristen Österreich

Youtube: Piarist Austria



In 1625 efforts had failed to bring the Piarists to Vienna. In 1697, the Piarists of Marquis de Malaspina bought the property in the Josefstadt, today the eighth district, on which the construction of the Kollegium Maria Treu began in 1698. The elementary school was opened in 1701 with three German and two Latin classes. In five rooms at that time 453 students were taught. The Gymnasium was handed over to the state in 1870.

The church Maria Treu dominates with its double-towered facade of the square, which is bounded on the left and right of elementary school, or high school and former Löwenburgischen Konvikt. After the laying of the cornerstone by Emperor Leopold I on 2 September 1698, the so-called pain chapel was first erected and inaugurated after one year of construction. At the same time was built at the college and the school. In 1716, the foundation stone was laid for the Maria Treu church. 1721, the shell was completed to plans by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt. 1751 to 1753, the church was vaulted.


The parish of Maria Treu is located in the eighth district in Vienna, Austria. On Sundays and church holidays, the service is very well filled. On November 24 2019, the Piarist General Delegate in Austria, Father Jean de Dieu Tagne SP, is appointed new pastor of Mary. He takes over the work of Father Paul Nejman SP.

Parish groups

The parish life in Vienna Maria-Treu is very active. There are many groups active in and around the parish: “Mass Special”, “Sing with us in Maria Treu”, “Church for Children”, “Ministrants and Camps”, “Bible Evening”, “Club Creativ”, ” Playgroup “,” Boy Scout “,” Piarist Choir “. More information about the groups can be found here.


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Coedupia, the new Piarist Ministry platform Mon, 28 Oct 2019 14:04:08 +0000 Two years ago, celebrated an International Congress of Piarist Education (COEDUPIA) on the occasion of the 400 years of the beginning of the Pious Schools (1617). Undoubtedly, it was a great event of the Spirit where we could check the vitality of the Calasanctian charism through the different reflections and experiences that are being carried out throughout the Piarist geography. 

From the Congress organizing team and the Ministry Secretariat, we believe that the Congress is still open. In Santiago de Chile we made new friends, worked together, shared innovative experiences. The Pious Schools grew up in communion. We don’t want all this to be lost.

Therefore, we launched the Web, not just to maintain the spirit of the Congress but to share the vision we have about the Educational Ministry. 

In the “Ministry” tab we inform on the areas of work directly promoted by the Secretariat: identity, training, innovation, networking, choice for the poor, quality assessment. We are attaching the reference documents that have the Order so far.

Of The Secretariat depend several work teams: non-formal education, continuous prayer, Calasanz Movement, parishes and cult centers. Entering these “Areas“, you can access reflections and experiences that are being promoted in this six-year term.

In the “Training” tab we have inserted for the moment some “training booklets for educators”, taking as reference the ten elements of Calasanctian identity. The idea is to upload materials that can be useful for most of our educational presences.

The “Innovation” tab accesses the contents of the Congress and the twelve areas where we have categorized innovation experiences that are being carried out in the Pious Schools. We are also making interesting proposals that are born out of our scope but can be useful.

Finally, there is a “Current Issues” tab where we will share the relevant news that are generated in the Pious Schools relative to the promotion of the Ministry.

Hopefully this WEBSITE will be useful. We ask you to disseminate it to the educators of our presences and to send us new experiences and suggestions for improvement. The big limitation is that the page is only in Spanish. Let’s rely on simultaneous Internet translators to be consulted anywhere in the world.

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The International Network of Piarist Parishes is underway Mon, 28 Oct 2019 13:58:37 +0000 The Congregation of the Pious Schools has launched the International Network of Piarist Parishes, which aims to promote the Piarist action in the more than 130 parishes and 175 temples with public worship that the Piarists currently attend.

Rome, September 23, 2019. The truth is that the founder, Saint Joseph Calasanz, insisted that every new school that was founded had a church open to worship where to celebrate prayer with the little ones and to attend directly to the families. As they explain from the coordinating team “this is a mission initiative that offers opportunities to exercise the Piarist mystery of educating integrally in piety and letters and building a Christian Community. Among the objectives of the new platform are the reinforcement of the pastoral project, the creation of ties for mutual enrichment and the promotion of the Piarist identity.

The network also aims to ensure the stability of the pastoral project and to share resources and experiences that improve the quality of the mission, so that people are working on our own web platform that facilitates communication. Likewise, the program describes the profile of parishes and establishes the unique elements of the pastoral project in its different areas (liturgy, catechesis, social pastoral…), as well as the conditions of entry into the network. The initiative is open, and not only the parishes that depend on the Order are invited, but also those coordinated by the Piarists as well as any other with which a more stable institutional relationship is established.

 The launch of the network coincides with the 300th anniversary of the founding of the parish of Maria Treu, which the Piarists accompany in Vienna.  The Coordinating Team of the Network of Piarist Parishes is composed of Fr. Javier Alonso (Central America and the Caribbean) as coordinator; P. Enivaldo Joao de Oliveira (Brazil-Bolivia)  and Fr. Fernando Luque (Chile).

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St. Helena Catholic Church – Bronx, New York (USA) Mon, 28 Oct 2019 09:45:29 +0000

1315 Olmstead Ave, El Bronx.
Tfno: +1 718 892 32 32
Parish: P David Powers
facebook: St. Helena Catholic Church

Origin and history

The Church of St. Helena is a Roman Catholic parish church under the authority of the Archdiocese of New York. It was established in 1940, and the church building was built in 1941 and dedicated on May 3, 1942. It was designed by the prominent architectural firm of Eggers & Higgins just after they designed the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. The new parish’s first Mass took place on June 9, 1940. Mass was celebrated by the newly appointed pastor Msgr. Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D. in a former tavern, which is still located on the grounds and was known as the Loeffler building, and about 1,000 parishioners attended it.  It is said that Msgr. Scanlan had arranged the taproom mirrors so people could see the altar no matter where they sat.  Msgr. Scanlan had been appointed the president of St. Joseph’s Seminary in 1930, having previously served 20 years on the Seminary faculty.

Of early Italian Renaissance influence, the new parish plant was constructed of select brick with limestone trim.  The church and school face east with a frontage of 146 feet, while the north side of the church and convent occupy 170 feet. The nave of the church was designed to seat 900 and the balcony to accommodate 177 additional.  The school was built to provide classroom facilities for 600 pupils, though at its peak there were over 2,000 students in two shifts attending classes.  The convent, which is now occupied by some of our Piarist juniors, was built to provide living quarters for 23 sisters.  On October 4, 1941, Msgr. Scanlan celebrated the first Mass at St. Helena’s in the auditorium of the Church, but it was on Christmas morning in 1941 that Mass was celebrated for the first time at the main altar of the new Church of St. Helena. At its zenith, there were over 100 priests and nuns teaching in the school. Many alumni remember how they would always bring a lemon on the last day of class to shine the top of their desks for the next school year. The parish purchased some land in 1949 that was owned by St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf and opened two high schools, St. Helena’s Girls’ High School and St. Helena’s Boys’ High School, both of which later merged to become the co-ed Msgr. Scanlan High School. The school soon became the largest parish high school in New York City.

Until 2014, the parish had only four pastors.  In that year, Msgr. Scanlan High School became an independent, private Catholic High School, while St. Helena School remained one of only 29 parish-based elementary schools left in the Archdiocese; the others all became regional elementary schools. The Piarist Fathers began ministering at the parish in 2014, and four Piarist priests moved into the rectory.  Fr. Emilio Sotomayor, Sch.P. became the fifth pastor in September 2014. Fr. Emilio was from Spain. He renovated the church’s sound system and replaced the worn church kneelers.  He left St. Helena in July 2015 to become the headmaster of a Piarist School in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The other three Piarist priests assisting him, Rev. Hector Cruz, Sch.P., who is from Puerto Rico; Rev. Andrew Berinyuy, Sch.P., who is from the Cameroon; and Rev. Szymon Kurpios, Sch.P., who is from Poland, also left.

Geographic and social context

The parish is located in Parkchester, which is is a planned community originally developed in 1939 by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and located in the central Bronx region of New York City. The population of Parkchester is 30,000 people living on 210 acres.  The racial makeup of the neighborhood is 43% African American, 38% Hispanic, 14%  Asian (mainly from Bangladesh), 3% Non-Hispanic White, and 2% from two or more races. The parish currently has 1,500 registered families with a makeup of 60% Hispanic, 30% Black, and 10% Non-Hispanic White and Asian. The parish has eight weekend Masses in three languages (English, Spanish, and French). The parish has a large aging population as well as a large undocumented population, and the parish is constantly seeking to identify existing city programs and inviting representatives from those programs to assist our parishioners.  One of the biggest challenges facing the parish is a continuing dramatic decrease in the Catholic population living in Parkchester. Also, a recent nation-wide study reveals a dramatic decrease in the percentage of Catholic students who actually attend Catholic Schools, as well as a decrease in Mass attendance of teenage and young adult Catholics. The parish is placing emphasis on establishing programs that reach out to those two populations.  There is also a large population of adults who are missing sacraments, and the parish is trying to identify those who are missing sacraments and provide programs that will assist them in obtaining them.

News from the parish

Fr. David Powers, Sch.P. (2015- present) became the church’s sixth pastor on August 1, 2015, the year the parish celebrated its 75th anniversary. He was joined by Rev. Richard Wyzykiewicz, Sch.P. from Philadelphia, and Rev. Nelson Henao, Sch.P. from Colombia, South America. There are now five Piarist priests and four juniors in residence at the parish. The elementary school began a city-sponsored Universal Pre-kindergarten program in 2015 and opened a city-sponsored ASPIRA after-school program in 2016.  The very first diaconate ordination in parish history took place in June 2017 when Rev. Br. Vinod Angadathu George, Sch.P. was ordained as a transitional deacon by the Most Rev. Felix Lazaro, Sch.P., the bishop emeritus of Ponce, Puerto Rico.  By the end of 2019, the parish’s very first priestly ordination is scheduled to take place with the ordination of two Piarist priests.

Groups and Ministries

The parish has over 20 different ministries, with some of the biggest being our Religious Education and RCIA programs, the Calasanz Movement, two Charismatic Prayer Groups, a Bible Study group, the Divine Mercy Service Group, the Mother Teresa Outreach Group, the Guadlupinos Devotional Group, the Legion of Mary, and the Boy Scouts.


The mission of the Parish of St. Helena is to be a community of faith that invites, inspires, educates, and leads people to know and love Jesus Christ, to understand and live their Catholic faith, to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel through love and service to one another, and to celebrate the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, while being faithful to the tradition of the Catholic Church, our history, and the Community it serves.



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Boosting the Network of Piarist Parishes Fri, 04 Oct 2019 10:52:57 +0000 On May 10, 2019, the General Congregation announced the creation of a NETWORK OF SCHOOLS in order to boost their Piarist identity, mission capacity and participation in our presences. 

This decision was born from the 2015 General Chapter, which invited the “re-launching” of the Piarist parishes as an extraordinary opportunity for education and evangelization”.

To promote this new project, the team that will boost the network was gathered in Belo Horizonte (Brazil): Enivaldo Oliveira, Fernando Luque and Javier Alonso. At the meeting, guidelines were drafted to build a pastoral Piarist project and common projects were shared.

To this day, 18 parishes from all over the Piarist geography have applied to enter the NETWORK: 4 from Africa, 13 from America and 1 from Europe. With this first group and others that can be added these days, the incorporation process will begin. Parishes that want to join by requesting it from their Major Superior major are still on time. 

On 22 September 2019, coinciding with the closing of the Jubilee of our parish of Maria Treu, in Vienna, the NETEORK will officially start.

Fr. Javier Alonso

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