The Congregation of the Pious Schools has launched the International Network of Piarist Parishes, which aims to promote the Piarist action in the more than 130 parishes and 175 temples with public worship that the Piarists currently attend.

Rome, September 23, 2019. The truth is that the founder, Saint Joseph Calasanz, insisted that every new school that was founded had a church open to worship where to celebrate prayer with the little ones and to attend directly to the families. As they explain from the coordinating team “this is a mission initiative that offers opportunities to exercise the Piarist mystery of educating integrally in piety and letters and building a Christian Community. Among the objectives of the new platform are the reinforcement of the pastoral project, the creation of ties for mutual enrichment and the promotion of the Piarist identity.

The network also aims to ensure the stability of the pastoral project and to share resources and experiences that improve the quality of the mission, so that people are working on our own web platform that facilitates communication. Likewise, the program describes the profile of parishes and establishes the unique elements of the pastoral project in its different areas (liturgy, catechesis, social pastoral…), as well as the conditions of entry into the network. The initiative is open, and not only the parishes that depend on the Order are invited, but also those coordinated by the Piarists as well as any other with which a more stable institutional relationship is established.

 The launch of the network coincides with the 300th anniversary of the founding of the parish of Maria Treu, which the Piarists accompany in Vienna.  The Coordinating Team of the Network of Piarist Parishes is composed of Fr. Javier Alonso (Central America and the Caribbean) as coordinator; P. Enivaldo Joao de Oliveira (Brazil-Bolivia)  and Fr. Fernando Luque (Chile).