Wien-Maria Treu

Piaristengasse 43

1080 Wien


Father Jean de Dieu Tagne SP

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In 1625 efforts had failed to bring the Piarists to Vienna. In 1697, the Piarists of Marquis de Malaspina bought the property in the Josefstadt, today the eighth district, on which the construction of the Kollegium Maria Treu began in 1698. The elementary school was opened in 1701 with three German and two Latin classes. In five rooms at that time 453 students were taught. The Gymnasium was handed over to the state in 1870.

The church Maria Treu dominates with its double-towered facade of the square, which is bounded on the left and right of elementary school, or high school and former Löwenburgischen Konvikt. After the laying of the cornerstone by Emperor Leopold I on 2 September 1698, the so-called pain chapel was first erected and inaugurated after one year of construction. At the same time was built at the college and the school. In 1716, the foundation stone was laid for the Maria Treu church. 1721, the shell was completed to plans by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt. 1751 to 1753, the church was vaulted.


The parish of Maria Treu is located in the eighth district in Vienna, Austria. On Sundays and church holidays, the service is very well filled. On November 24 2019, the Piarist General Delegate in Austria, Father Jean de Dieu Tagne SP, is appointed new pastor of Mary. He takes over the work of Father Paul Nejman SP.

Parish groups

The parish life in Vienna Maria-Treu is very active. There are many groups active in and around the parish: “Mass Special”, “Sing with us in Maria Treu”, “Church for Children”, “Ministrants and Camps”, “Bible Evening”, “Club Creativ”, ” Playgroup “,” Boy Scout “,” Piarist Choir “. More information about the groups can be found here.