Father General’s intervention


Since the General Congregation published the decree on the creation of the Network of Piarist Parishes, twenty-nine of fifteen different countries have been registered. Three parishes in Europe, seventeen from America and nine from Africa.

The team in charge of the Network convened for Monday, May 11, an online meeting with all the parish priests and with the presence of Fr. General. After the initial prayer, each parish pastor gave a brief description of the pastoral reality of his community with some significant experience. The network team proposed some initiatives to grow parishes in Calasanctian identity and in relation to communion between them.

Finally, Fr. General appreciated everyone’s presence and shared some reflections to encourage the parish priests at this first meeting:

  1. Thanking and congratulating everyone on the decision to join the network. Someday, in the Order we will value today’s day because it can strongly transform the pastoral reality of our parishes.
  2. The diversity between parishes is noted, but at the same time, there are many common things and, above all, a desire to walk together.
  3. I would highlight some expectations you have regarding the Network.
    1. Acquire a Piarist family awareness from parishes.
    2. Share interesting pastoral experiences.
    3. Provide training spaces, especially in the realm of identity.
    4. Share objectives and strategies.
    5. Develop the initiatives contained in the project for the future.
  4. I send you a document translated into the four languages expressing the way of the General Congregation’s mind, with regard to the Network. It may be interesting to work on it in the Pastoral Councils.

Calasanz sensed that a necessary condition for the expansion and consolidation of the Pious Schools was to constitute a NETWORK organized with a common style: “All houses must have an identical style in the organization of the community and schools so that a religious, being moved from one house to another, finds everywhere identical customs”. (CC 212). Consequently, working for a COMMON STYLE in parishes is a responsibility that is in the genetics of our charism in the Church.

We put this project under the protection of our Lady of the Pious Schools. There are thousands of people who share faith in our parishes and expect good pastoral care from us.

Fr. Javier Alonso Sch.P.